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Royal Auto Marketing’s $77/month Event Sales are quickly becoming the talk of our country. Our dynamic Event Sales drive the most traffic and buyers into your store for the advertising dollar. Our $77/month Event Sales stand out because we constantly mine this data to test new ideas, measure results, spot new trends, and improve the message and targeting. Best of all, we train and use your sales and finance staff so you get all this without the traveling circus of “Side Show Bobs”! Your staff will be elated knowing they can be the “stars of the show”.

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How and Why Our $77 Event Sales Work

In order to get prospects into your dealership, a simple, strong, effective and fresh marketing campaign is required. Our test proven, trademarked $77/month Event Sales deliver an average of 15-25 conquest opportunities looking to purchase a vehicle each and every day of our events.

Quite simply, no matter what your choice of media is, we will design and implement an advertising and ROI friendly campaign that works.

Typical Demographics

History has shown us that our $77/month Event Sales attract a strong percentage of non-prime to mid-prime clientele between the ages of 21-60. These customers are delighted that they have an opportunity to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle at an affordable price.

Success Story

From the shores of Vancouver Island to the Prairies, to the Maritimes, our $77/month Event Sales have been extremely successful with every manufacturer. A typical dealer advertising budget of $10,000 - $15,000 will produce $125,000 - $150,000 in gross profit, resulting in approximately 3x - 4x net ROI. As with all our marketing option, we provide our dealers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If our gross profits don’t exceed your cost of advertising, the event is free.

Our Goal Is Just Like Yours: We Simply Want To Sell Cars!

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