Car Dealer Spots

Car Dealer Spots

Custom Radio, TV, and Online Advertisements for Innovative Dealerships

Let’s face it, everyone listens to the radio when they’re driving, and that’s why radio advertising is a good way for car dealers to reach potential clients. The problem is, most radio stations produce the same types of ads for most dealerships, which is why there are so many vehicle ads that sound alike. The same holds true for TV ads where they are so similar, it’s hard to tell one dealer from another. Why are you paying money to look and sound like your competitors? There is an easy and affordable solution: Car Dealer Spots.

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Custom Radio, TV, and Online Ads

We specialize in producing engaging advertisement solely for automotive dealerships. We produce high-quality creative audio, video, and online material that help separate your dealership from your competitors. Potential customers are tired of hearing and watching the same ole’ car ads where people with loud voices and bad suits yell numbers and false promises into a microphone. Trust Car Dealer Spots to produce your ads and see how creative, focused ads can sell you more cars, and bring more people into your service centre.

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Efficient and Flexible

One of the big issues with most radio and television stations is they take a long time to produce yours ads. They can take a week or more, and by the time they’ve sent you an ad for approval, the ad is no longer relevant. We’re able to deliver same-day radio ads to our customers, and turn around television and online video ads in as little as 48 hours.

The old way of having your radio, TV, and online ads produced is obsolete. Trust Car Dealer Spots with your advertising and find out what high-quality, engaging ads really are.

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