New Movers 

New movers represent an audience in which 20% of the group will buy a vehicle within 3 months of settling into the house. In fact, 66% of these individuals buy a new vehicle within one year of moving, and approximately 20% within the first 10-12 weeks.

On average, an urban-based dealership has 250 new prospects (households) moving into or within their trading area each month.

20% of 250 means that 50 new vehicles are going to be purchased within a three-month window in your trading area. We have the products that allow you to connect with these potential buyers and influence them throughout their shopping process.

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Our New Movers program targets recent movers with a highly-focused mail piece, which actively works to develop new leads by mailing targeted individuals three times over the course of three months. 

It includes a data capture site customized to the dealer.

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New Movers 












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