How to Save Your Next Big Auto Sales Event in 3 Easy Steps

By: Royal Auto Marketing   |   08 Feb 2016


Dealerships from coast to coast are having auto sales. Some of these events are over the top, and flashy others are barely advertised, neither ensures success. An auto sale event can do a lot for you if you do things right. If you’re looking to make your next sales event a big success or have a lot of old inventory to move there are a few things you should consider.


Promotions Are Not Over Rated

In order to drive foot traffic people have to know there is a sale! Use the method of outreach that works best for you including online advertising and direct mail outreach. Alerting your customer base is essential and if you are anticipating a sale, let them know as early as possible. Purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision for your customer and it’s important that we understand that from both a human perspective and a marketing perspective! Give people time to prepare for your incredible sale!

If direct mail has been working for you, then use it! But use it sparingly! Crowding people’s mailboxes with excessive advertising will only serve to isolate your client base. Use minimal and well thought out product in your direct mail campaigns. This is also an excellent opportunity to advertise your social media pages, encourage people to sign up or follow your social media accounts and continue to plug your upcoming sales event online. Social media is a free and accessible way to advertise so if you’re not using it, it’s something to consider.  


Make it look like there’s a sale

What good is a sale if you aren’t catching the eye of your clients! Don’t be afraid to use promotional materials to attract people to your location. Customers who you haven’t reached through promotional materials will need to be notified that you’re having an event. Use promotional materials such as signs, visible advertisements and decorations to tastefully catch people’s attention. Make it look like there is something special going on!

In addition to decoration, make sure your sales floor is buzzing! Have enough staff to engage the customers that come in and engage them. Signs and banners don’t sell cars, people sell cars so make sure there are enough staff available!

Auto Sales Promotion

Not all promotional decor is created equal, consider your audience when you're choosing how to decorate your lot! 


Motivating your sales staff

Now that you have advertised, dressed up your show room and put staff on the floor to get your clients excited, make sure your staff are feeling it too! Your sale will never be successful if your sales staff wander the showroom with no gusto. Your staff need to exude the excitement of the sales opportunity. A lack of excitement can translate to unmotivated clients and if you’ve invested time and money into promoting this event, it can frustrating to watch that go to waste.

Remind your staff that they are an integral part of this sale’s success. Discuss with them what motivates their sales strategies, and create a team atmosphere that can really make the difference between a record sales month and your run of the mill sales trends. Have team meetings or one on one meetings (whatever works best with your staff) and amp up the excitement! Make in house sales goals for individual staff members, create fun sales teams for added moral and motivate the individual sales rep! You know your team and what works with their needs, use that!


Marketing and Automotive promotion is no walk in the park. It takes commitment from both you and your staff to motivate prospective shoppers. Sometime this is easier said than done. Not everyone can create an expert and effective sales event and that’s why we’re here to help! If you want to learn more about putting on an effective auto sales event contact our expert marketing team or follow our blog for more advice! 

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