How Auto Dealerships Should Be Using Facebook

By: Royal Auto Marketing   |   18 Feb 2016

Marketing and advertising costs for dealerships can be costly but there are ways to engage your audience and land sales using free social media platforms such as Facebook, that you can build and manage yourself. If you’re new to social media, or at the very least new to social media marketing, don’t worry. While it will take some time and consistency to establish a workable online presence, your work will pay off in the end and contribute to your overall automotive marketing strategy. Before you can begin capturing leads and ruling over the web, you need to establish a strategy that works for you and your client base.


Optimizing your Facebook Page

For all the dealers out there who are not familiar with Facebook (and believe me you’re not alone!) it’s important to take the time to set up your Facebook page properly. This means using high quality, brand appropriate images for your profile picture ( we recommend using your company logo), taking the time to fill out your biographical information and check for consistency across other social media platforms you may have such as twitter, linkedin or instagram. Keeping your profile consistent is a great way to establish brand trust.


When filling out your bio fields such as location, or the “about me” section, think about what your customers look for when they search for dealerships online. Use language that will draw more attention to your page by adding in keywords such as auto financing, classic cars, repairs, or other services that you provide or share content about. Making this content accessible and accurate, this is no place to fib! Also use location based terms like your county, province or territory to catch people who may not search for your town or city specifically but are still in your selling area.


Share Content not Just Advertisements

This is a great way to connect to your customers so don’t waste it! People won’t follow your page or engage with you online if you are constantly telling them what you have on the lot. While it’s okay to notify people that you’re having a sale, make sure you share things that are also of genuine interest to you as a brand. Share and post content that reflect who you are, tips about shopping for cars, news from the larger automotive world and so on, preferably share content that links back to your website such as a blog you’ve written, but things that you find interesting work too.


People want to relax when they’re online and fall down the proverbial internet rabbit hole. Help them get there and land right on your website, or have them scrolling your newsfeeds without forcing your latest inventory on them when they weren’t asking for it.



So, this is where things get a bit more time consuming. Post your content consistently and engage with your following. You’ll show up more often on people’s newsfeeds while also ensuring people that you’re an active and engaged dealership. If you only post once every 6 months, there is not much point to having a social media page that feeds of instant access and up to date information.


These are just a few basic steps to establishing an online presence using Facebook. Advertising and setting up an online strategy doesn’t come easy and if you don’t feel that you have time to invest in doing so properly, there are automotive marketing service providers that can help you attract and engage your leads and customers. Stay tuned to our blog for more automotive marketing and sales event tips!


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