How to put on an Event Super Sale Using Your Own Staff

By: Royal Auto Marketing   |   03 Mar 2016


If you've been in the car business longer than a coffee break, sure as heck you've experienced a Super Sale company come into your dealership claiming they can turn turn your dealership and your sales numbers around. These types of promises are not always true, especially when you’re dealing with less than the desireable sales reps these companies bring with them. The travelling circus of "Sideshow-Bobs" that are the rejects of at least a dozen dealerships. Most often they aren't or can't get certified in one province or another. The experience they provide while in your dealership ( lying to customers, empty promises, hitting on your staff) is the major reason you swear to never have any such company in your store again: they make your event seem sleezy.

With the help of a few reputable staff from a sales company and your own trusted staff you can throw a higher quality event that leaves your customers coming back for more! Your team is already connected to the community you work in, they’re familiar with lot, the inventory and how to sell cars using your message. Why would you listen to a company that asks you to forget about all that?  With Royal Auto Marketing, we believe in the power of YOUR staff and using them to their maximum potential during our 5 day Event Sales. In event you do need extra help, our hand picked, certified salespeople and finance people are individuals you'd have as your own staff.

Here are a few quick considerations for dealers who want to engage their own sales people:


  • Ask Them Questions! - Ask your sales staff for their input and use their sales floor insights in conjunction with the super sale plan.

  • Consider Sales Incentives - Does your staff react well to sales incentives? If yes, consider including them in your event. The size and type of reward is completely up to you and your team!

  • Tell Them Why Their Commitment is Important - Make sure that you highlight to your team why their role in the super sale is so important. They know the staff, the customers and the inventory!


Your staff will appreciate you hosting an Event Sale where they're the stars of the show. The key to the event is to include your staff in the planning of the event, motivate them every step of the way and really allow them to take ownership over their work and demonstrate that you trust their sales skills, You would be amazed at what your own staff can do when you enforce a positive message and use the tested and true methods Royal Auto Marketing uses.


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