Harness the Power of Your Sales Staff at Your Next Event

By: Royal Auto Marketing   |   01 Apr 2016

Many automotive marketing strategists and agencies will try to bring their own staff onto your lot during their sales events. While you may need an extra hand on deck, there are great reasons to keep your team intact and have your own salespeople running the show. As our sales staff gets younger and millennials start buying cars, you want to be able to forge a relationship with your customer base that transcends your one time car sales event and keeps people coming back again and again. You have a sales team! It’s wise to use them.


In order to maintain a relationship, you or your salespeople likely follow up with customers. If you’re not doing this right now, you should be! The follow up is a personal touch that may seem dated, but we prefer to call it classic, timeless and over all best practice. The follow up is your opportunity to extend the relationship after your sale and help secure the relationship. The 2015 Automotive Buyer Influence Study, commissioned by AutoTrader.com uses their study to point to the importance of positive customer experience to encourage both referals and repeat customers. Using your own sales staff can help secure these types of relationships, while a visiting salesperson cannot offer that personal connection.


You’ve likely hired your salespeople for a reason. Use the talent you have rather than people you don’t know. While some extra staff may be needed, they may need to act as support staff rather than a primary salespeople. The benefits of a local dealership are established relationships, easy access to your sales rep and dealership and yield more long term consumer relationships. Don’t rob your sales event of these resources and future impact!


While there are many different ways to throw a car sales event with a automotive marketing team, the best way to ensure you manage your customer relationships is to use your staff as much as possible. Not only does this bolster your team but it allows for easy follow-up and the establishment of long term customer relations. If you need help throwing an automotive sales event at your dealership there are people who can help! Contact Royal Auto Marketing to learn more about what we can do for you, and help maximize your sales team’s power!

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