Three Ways to Make Your Outbound Marketing Efforts Count

By: Royal Auto Marketing   |   15 Apr 2016

Like many dealerships, you likely take part in the age old practice of outbound marketing. Outbound marketing campaigns are efforts made by a company to reach out to their client base through trade shows, flyers, print ads or TV commercials. In this instance the company reaches out to start the conversation. With individuals reportedly opening 50% of their email, direct mail needs to be buddied up with other advertising medium to get your auto dealership to the front of people’s minds.  If you’ve been in the automotive marketing game for a while or have gathered up any marketing experience in other sectors, you know that like many things, there are ways to do things right and ways to do things wrong. To capitalize on your direct mailing marketing list and make the best of your time and resources, we have three top tips to help make sure your dealerships outbound marketing campaigns run perfectly no matter where you’re located.


1) Personalize Your Message

You know your market better than anyone. Think about who you are sending your mail to. If you’re in Saskatoon your client base is going to be different than that of Calgary or Medicine Hat. Focus your message to the type of customer you know you have rather an a cliché and worn out campaign they’ve seen before. Capture the voice of your dealership and use the information you have about your customers and what shopping for a vehicle is like your location.


2) Don’t Stop With Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing for dealerships is a useful tool and as we discussed a couple weeks back, still a thriving and successful approach to reaching out to your contact list but you shouldn’t stop after your direct mail attempt. Open up other channels of communication that align with your original message such as a social media, Adwords or email marketing campaign that will help drive home your incentive offer or promote your dealerships image. The more consistent your message the better your car ad will be so don’t stop with direct marketing, use it as a leverage point.


3) Timing is Everything

Think about where you’re clients are in their automotive shopping lifecycle and use this as a point of action for your campaign. Don’t send recent shoppers incentives for new cars if they have recently purchased a new vehicle, focus your efforts and reach out to people when they need you most. Service incentives, new leases or lease busting campaigns are other alternatives to new car sales. Target the audience of your automotive outbound marketing campaign for the best results possible.


Thinking of launching your own outbound marketing campaign? Team up with Royal Auto Marketing and capitalize on your direct mail and outbound marketing efforts. Every market can be receptive to your campaign as long as it’s tailored, well timed and consistent. Take a leap and get your message out there the right way with a multi channel outbound marketing strategy and the help of Canada’s automotive marketing specialists!


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