"Postal Code Targeting"...The Future Is Today In Lead Prospecting!

By: Danny Blanchard   |   02 Sep 2016

Postal Code Targeting...

...allows the targeting of households closest to a specific address.

As all dealers are noticing, the constant barrage of calls and invites to your existing databases as a result of private sales are causing extreme data fatigue resulting in once loyal customers asking to be removed from calling and mail lists.  

If your dealership sold 100 new units in a month, Royal Auto Marketing would target 15 (average is 15) of each new vehicle purchaser’s neighbors. This would be a mailing of 1500 pieces but we would target them upwards of three times with a series of 6 X 12 postcards that will include a G.U.R.L. (Generalized URL) which is a custom website (landing page) which will give us tracking ability for the responses as well as data gathering capabilities. 

Each postcard is designed to move the relationship forward. We know 8% of consumers are currently in the market for a new vehicle at any given time meaning 120 of the 1500 households we mail to will be interested. Average household has 2 vehicles so our audience currently has 240 vehicles. 

The cost to mail 1500 postcards three times is under $5,000 and the focus of the piece is strong and it is going to flush leads out of those 120 households at a good rate. 

Royal Auto Marketing will mail a thank you/referral ask piece to the new vehicle purchaser. 100 of these being sent every month will generate a few referrals.

Royal Auto Marketing would extract your sold units via your DSM at the end of every month and begin the process immediately while focusing on a set INVITATION SALE date.

The uniqueness of these campaigns is you're reaching out to new, fresh prospects each and every month.

I'm sure it's very clear how this model would benefit your dealership.

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