The Status Of The Car Industry Is A Result Of Data Fatigue Due To Private Sales

By: Danny Blanchard   |   06 Sep 2016

If your dealership has been conducting "private sales" each and every month (in some cases two per month), you are most certainly or soon will be suffering from what we call ”data fatigue”. Dealers of all makes across Canada are experiencing this right now... Statistics don't lie... And it HURTS.

Data fatigue is excessive communications that cause your client base to start unsubscribing to your mailing list and/or asking you to stop calling them. This ailment is spreading faster than the common cold and it’s LETHAL! Your system and your client base is becoming overloaded with marketing material and data and it’s time inoculate yourself and your clients!

Focus on Your Target Audience

The bottom line is your valued customers are getting extremely annoyed by the constant stream of calls and/or private invitations to your dealership. These once loyal customers are now asking to be removed from all call lists, mail outs and newsletters. What started out as a very effective marketing tool has become the “kiss of death” for your dealership. At Royal Auto Marketing we have developed and mastered the art of select demographic targeting. This new and state-of-the-art technology allows the ability to deliver your message to a set demographic that’s specific to these targets in your trading area.

For example, Kia’s target audience for the Kia Soul is 18 – 29 year old Gen-Y buyers who traditionally have day jobs with a passion for music and technology. Prior to this new technology, your only ability to reach this demographic was to send mass mail-outs and/or spend ridiculous amounts of marketing budgets on various media including television, radio, newsprint and digital. Select demographic targeting will get your message directly to a captive and attentive audience each and every time while reducing your advertising costs.

Conquest With Technology... Postal Code Targeting

Gone are the days of "Spray And Pray" with thousands and thousands of flyers. We have the ability to mail the neighbors of existing people in your database. For example... Billy and Betty Nice buy a new F150 from ABC Motors. We will send Billy and Betty's 15 (average is 15) neighbors a series of 6 X 12 postcards that will include a G.U.R.L. (Generalized URL) which is a custom website (landing page) which will give us tracking ability for the responses as well as data gathering capabilities. Each postcard (total of 3) is designed to move the relationship forward. We know 8% of consumers are currently in the market for a new vehicle at any given time meaning if we sent an average of 100 customers per month, 120 of the 1500 households we mail to will be interested. This is using technology to reach out to conquest customers.


Let Royal Auto Marketing help you discover the future of effective marketing and give your database time to recover from the fatigue. Take a look at some of our sample event media that is custom made for each client. We can help you discover the cure for data fatigue with a target demographic marketing strategy.

Visit to learn more how we can help you combat your data fatigue issues... Proud to be 100% CANADIAN!!!

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