Are You Winning Or Losing Going Into The Fourth Quarter?

By: Danny Blanchard   |   01 Oct 2016

If you're like the majority of car dealers across the country, you're most certainly losing. The good news is there's still enough time to win the game in the 4th quarter, no matter how far behind you are.

Let's start by looking back at the past three quarters to identify why you're down. Are you down by a field goal or by a few touchdowns? Now, let's look at the guys on the field... Your sales team. They survived training camp, they made the team and you had all the confidence in them at the start of the year... Right? How about the coaches?... Your managers. Like the players, they've been running practices, perfected each play, made the players accountable... You've got a well oiled machine!

If everything is in place with the coaches and you have a solid team of professionals, what the heck is the problem? How can we be losing? The answer to that is easy... Your competitors have stolen the pages from your playbook! Matter of fact, everyone has been using the same playbook for almost 4 years now and the game has got boring. The fans aren't showing up to the games because they know the plays better than all of you. That old playbook has the bold letters on the front of it that read "PRIVATE SALES".

These Private Sales are becoming as dated as the "inflatable gorilla" out front. Yes, they served their purpose but just like every other fantastic marketing idea, they get over-used, eventually run dry requiring new ideas, new formats and new technology infused ideas that are proven to work.

Statistics don't lie, new vehicle sales numbers are on the decline. Not only are the total units sold down but most important, so are New Car Gross Average numbers. The constant stream of calls, SMS messages, emails and invitations to your fragile databases have caused them to fatigue... to the point of loyalty alienization. The reality is it's time to say goodbye to the Private Sale gig becausethe fans aren't showing up to the games anymore.

At Royal Auto Marketing, we have taken the time to analyze trends, car buying motivators and cost efficiency by accumulating data from dealers coast to coast. Our cost cutting marketing solutions will bring customers back to your dealership looking to purchase a vehicle. No more looking for free (non-existent) prizes, no cash give-aways, no trips to Las Vegas.... WE SUPPLY BUYERS... and LOTS of them!

Go to today to learn how we can help you sell more cars and INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

We don't give away prizes, we're car guys just like you... WE SELL CARS!

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