At your dealership, you already know your target audience for each vehicle segment. So, why resort to “spray and pray” conquest methods when we can help you by isolating geographic areas where that audience represents a significant portion of that population?

By intelligently targeting the right customers and tailoring your message to them, you’ll make your message more relevant and more likely to make a connection that results in action.

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CONQUESTS 12x6” 18x6”



Compact Deluxe Oversize


$0.50/piece $0.61/piece $0.56/piece


$0.35/piece $0.43/piece $0.43/piece


$0.33/piece $0.30/piece $0.42/piece
20,000-24,999 $0.32/piece $0.39/piece



$0.32/piece $0.38/piece $0.34/piece


$0.30/piece $0.36/piece $0.42/piece


$0.29/piece $0.35/piece $0.32/piece

*Prices for Conquests include postage.


Our conquest program utilizes an omni-channel approach and pairs your mailing with a lead generation landing page that works to drive quality leads to your showroom.

Demographic Targeting

Conquest uses precision targeted demographic analysis and specially designed mail pieces built using the principles of Precision Eye Tracking to target the best potential buyer for each vehicle segment with a message specific to their needs.

With Conquest, we’ll help you convert:

  • Truck and SUV buyers by isolating neighbourhoods with higher rates of trades professionals and prospects working in primary industries.

  • Those in need of family vehicles by targeting families with young children still at home.

  • Compact and subprime prospects by filtering your search based on renters and household income.

Create a Winning Integrated Marketing Campaign

Use direct mail as a complement to other marketing media, such as online, radio, and newspaper, to reinforce your message, raise brand awareness, and help get your products noticed and remembered. The outcome is greater value from your marketing spend.

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