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  Who’s Your Neighbour? Konquest WYNK!

Your next buyer looks a lot like your last buyer! Target the direct neighbours of your recent purchasers with a series of professionally designed and addressed mail pieces that are positively engaging and take advantage of a “like-audience”.

Lead capture landing pages, bundled with every unique piece, allow your new prospects to start their online purchase research on a page designed to build relationships and convert them to leads with a high likelihood of purchase. Strong incentive to engage with these prospects will generate a strong R.O.I.



The mailbox delivers great R.O.I. and is one of marketing’s least cluttered channels, helping to deliver great response rates and a positive return on investment.

• 75% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of direct mail.

• Advertisements in the mailbox are effective at driving online engagement – 47% of Canadians visited a company website as a result of a marketing piece they received in the mail.

Let us find your ideal customers with Precision Targeter, an online tool from Canada Post, the leader in Direct Mail marketing.

Add Marketing Intelligence to your Conquesting efforts. Target prospects based on:

• Driving distance from your business.

• Age, gender, marital status and whether children live in the residence.

• Income, education and occupation.

• Residence type: houses, apartments, farms, and businesses.


 Data Fatigue

Brand loyalty among consumers is dropping. If you are counting on your house lists for the majority of your marketing, you will see a diminishing return over time.

Less than 50% of consumers surveyed stated they plan to buy the same brand next time they purchase.

Frequent use of your house lists may not be getting the results you need. Especially if you’ve been using it to communicate with your clients too early in the sales cycle.

Explore adding new names at an affordable price to your marketing mix to ease this strain on your current lists.

Data driven by POLK allows you to customize your message.

 New Mover

Let us introduce you to an audience where 20% will buy within 3 months.

66% of people buy a new vehicle within 12 months of moving. Approximately 20% within the first 10-12 weeks.

On average, an Urban based dealership has at least 250 new prospects (households) moving into their trading area each month.

250/20% means 50 new vehicles are going to be purchased within a three month window in your trading area and we have the products that allow you to connect with them.


 Targeted Direct Mail

Get our Direct Marketing Experts on your side with Omni-Channel Conquest campaigns.

Time to stop thinking of Mail as just mail. Your dealership is rich in Data in sales, Service and F&I. With all of the advancements in data extraction and the ability to customize your message to an individual rather than a group, today’s mail, when coupled with an online element, can be designed to be relevant to each recipient.

Mail is driving online activity, with 85%+ of new vehicle purchasers saying their online experience influenced their buying decision before they even stepped into the showroom. You need a Conquest Mail Expert Partner that understands how to maximize the impact of not just direct mail, but the online experience as well.

Start increasing your dealerships influence on potential new customers with Conquest programs and campaigns that engage your prospects in their physical and digital worlds and watch your R.O.I. climb.

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