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The Internet is a car shoppers’ paradise. To find the car they need, people pore over reviews, prices, videos, specs and accessories. When they are ready to buy, they type their contact information into a box and become an Internet lead that is sent to dealerships -- and the trouble begins. While most salespeople ignore online leads, preferring live human beings in their showrooms, Royal Auto Marketing can and will handle your e-leads from start to delivery. With our e-lead handling service, your salespeople or your financing and insurance people will no longer complain of the flood of leads that they must manage, often for two or three months. The team at Royal Auto Marketing will close these leads for you.

With electronic leads accounting for 20 to 25 percent of new-vehicle sales, these real buyers require precise, timely responses by qualified professionals. Our team will correspond with your leads, collect all data necessary from qualifying, verifying proof of income, time on the job to home address and stability. We provide an approved, delivery ready customer with a set appointment. Learn more about what Royal Auto Marketing can do for you!

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