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Data fatigue is real, and it’s robbing you of potential sales. Frequent use of your house lists may not be getting the results you need. It’s time to explore adding new names to your marketing mix. Data fatigue can be the byproduct of a great marketing program. To ease this train on your current list(s), you’ll need new names at an affordable price. Royal Auto Marketing has sourced names that will bring fresh buyers into your showroom. Driven by POLK, customize your message with knowledge of a homeowner’s vehicle type, make, model, and more.

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PRIZM5: An Introduction

Who are my prime targets? Where do these people live and shop, and what marketing mix will win them over? How do i reach them the most efficiently, with the greatest possible return on my marketing investment?

PRIZM5 was created to answer these questions.

PRIZM5 is a 68-point lifestyle segmentation system strong enough to explain, and accurately predict, consumer behaviour. Predicting consumer behaviour lets you get your message to the right person at the right time.

Getting your message to the right customer increases the possibility of a sale or a conversion, as does the timing of the message.

A higher conversion rate gives stronger ROI and raises your bottom line.

PRIZM5 lets you target potential customer clusters, that based on consumer behaviour and matching attributes, are ready to buy your products and services.

Use your marketing dollars on the right people and get the right results you want.

PRIZM5 is also a versatile and efficient targeting tool, geo-coded to actual consumer neighbourhoods.

In short, PRIZM5 allows you to identify who your prime targets are, where these targets live, and target them efficiently.


  • Know who they are. Understanding your prospect’s lifestyle will allow you to target them with precision. With lifestyle clusters named “Trucks and Trades” “Lunch at Tim’s”, and “Kids and Careers” to name a few, you can tailor your marketing message to appeal to a specific lifestyle, and therefore a specific type of vehicle. Sell more trucks to tradespeople and more family vehicles to the backbone of our society--the hockey parent! ($825.00 for 5,000)

  • Names, names, names-- Sometimes, you just need some new names. Prospective new clients from within your locality codes. ($825.00 for 5,000)
  • Custom List: Don’t quite see what you’re after? Custom lists and higher quantity orders are available. Contact for additional details.

Minimum order: 5,000 names

Phone numbers can be added for $50.00 per 1,000. Proof of up-to-date C.R.T.C license must be presented prior to receiving phone numbers.

Names and addresses are rented for single use. List must be mailed to by one-to-one mailing within 90 days of purchase. Canada Post forbids the release of names to the end user.

Data file(s) are compared against your house list to identify and remove existing clients at no charge.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Contact Royal Auto Marketing for inquiries.

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